The notebooks of Mitch Hedberg

Anonymous asked:
So, once someone has their own epiphany about the nature of Reality, how do they teach their friends (slash acquaintances slash coworkers) the right way of thinking? Right now certain people in my life are obsessively dedicated to humor and seem to tease me over my viewpoints that differ from theirs, among other things. How do you show such people the error of their ways?


"Obsessive dedication to humor" is a wildly popular behavior that seeks to obscure Reality by egocentrically, and irrationally, dismissing phenomena as nothing more than fodder for amusement, cultivating the illusion of security rather than accepting the initial insecurity of acknowledging significance and educating oneself.  Clearly, you recognize to some extent that this anti-communicative social escapism undermines any opportunity to cultivate personal and collective empowerment.  You are pained by the obvious illusion of connection between yourself and others.

If you continue to be teased, inquire as to why these individuals seek to passive aggressively undermine your initiative to remain authentic.  Reveal this defunct dynamic for what it is.  People are more than persona’s.  There is no time for squandering potential.  You need to accept the inevitable risk of living authentically in a society who’s foundation is deception.

Some will mercilessly shame you because they view your initiative to break pattern as a threat, while others will find relief in your growth and celebrate your initiative.  In time you will have constructed a social dynamic more grounded in the truth.